Matridox 2019: What to Expect

Yesterday, I published an Instagram post with a picture of my new business cards I designed for 2019. I’m attending CES 2019 for the first time and, obviously, want to make a good first impression on new people I meet by handing them a premium business card.

You may have noticed, however, things are a bit different. And if you’ve been on Matridox this past week, you may be wondering why it looks a bit different. Let me explain…

We’ve been gearing up to take Matridox to the next level. Throughout 2018, we’ve been much more active on social media and delivering updates to your news feed more often than before. That was our initial phase of C.A.P.S., our Content and Production Strategy.

Of course, you’re all probably unfamiliar with C.A.P.S. It’s very simple: this initiative is geared toward making more, valuable content for you, the consumer, on a higher production level. That’s why when you see an article on Matridox, you’ll see it pop up in your Instagram feed and as a post on Facebook with a high-quality, original image attached to it. Better content, more often.

That’s the entire basis of our road map for 2019. We want to take Matridox to the next level, and to do so, we’ll be pushing out much more content than we ever have before across distribution platforms. Plus, we’ll be covering more live events in 2019 as well so expect lots more coverage on the latest technology straight from the horse’s mouth.

As for the change in website aesthetics, our reasoning is simple: we want to take advantage of the latest technologies in the most seamless way possible. A little inside baseball for ya: WordPress upgraded our system to version 5.0 recently, giving us new editing techniques and better layout options. To take full advantage of them, we tweaked our site’s design to accommodate. Now, you get a much easier-to-read UI with eye-catching animations and a simpler layout, perfect for reading on mobile devices and large desktop displays.

You may have also noticed our logo has been refined as well. We wanted a font we could use across Matridox properties to identify where certain content is coming from that’s iconic and instantly recognizable. So we found one and designed our logo around it. We also refined the Parahex to be much more eye-catching and vibrant. Expect these designs on merchandise in the near future. 😉

Finally, I’d love to touch on the exciting things we’re doing with MBEDDED Media. In case you weren’t aware, MBEDDED Media recently got its own starter website at where you can learn more about Matridox’s parent company. Coming in 2019, we’ll be expanding MBEDDED Media’s property list to include Royalty45, a new music-focused social platform. Here, you’ll get the latest news in the music world delivered right to your social feeds without the need to visit a website. All you have to do is open Instagram or Twitter to find out what’s going on with your favorite artists. You can follow it @R45Music.

Notably, Royalty45 is a bit of an experiment. So long as things go well, it’ll stick around. Just don’t be surprised if we change things up more often than not.

Long story short, expect a ton of great things from both Matridox and MBEDDED Media in 2019. We’re just getting started and can’t wait to take you along for the ride.

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year’s, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa – well, you get the point. Happy whatever you celebrate. See you in 2019.


Max Buondonno – Founder, Editor-in-Chief, Matridox