Google Assistant Can Now Track Your Flight and Predict Delays with Decent Accuracy

In a roundup of tips and tricks for traveling this holiday season, Google today announced the Google Assistant would soon be able to track your flight and warn you of potential delays. Instead of waiting for official confirmation from your airline, the Assistant will be able to notify you in real time of a potential delay with 85 percent accuracy. The company says the feature is fueled by historic flight status data and machine learning to make the predictions.


To use the feature, ask the Assistant whether your flight is on time or the specific status of, say, the American Airlines flight from Philadelphia to Las Vegas. It’ll report back with a scheduled takeoff time and alert you of any potential/confirmed delays. Google also says the Assistant will begin proactively notifying you of upcoming delays in the next few weeks. In other words, the feature should be ready for everyone flying to Vegas for CES 2019 (including myself).