Deal: Amazon’s Selling a Kindle Paperwhite Audible Package for $139

TBH, I’m not exactly sure how this deal is possible.

Over on Amazon’s website, the mega retailer is selling a bundle that consists of its new Kindle Paperwhite, over-ear Bluetooth headphones, and a free three-month subscription to Audible, the company’s audiobook service. Sold separately, this package would cost $254 which, for what you get, isn’t exactly that bad. But together, somehow, you only have to pay $139.

Think about it. Instead of paying for the Kindle Paperwhite itself for $129, you can spend an extra $10 and get free headphones and an Audible subscription. Honestly, how much is Amazon losing with this deal? Seriously?

For $139, you get the 8GB Kindle Paperwhite which should be plenty of space for your Kindle library and an audiobook or two. But if you wanna store more than just a couple of audiobooks, you can bump the storage space up to 32GB and pay just $169. You’re saving a ridiculous amount of money regardless of which storage tier you opt for. So if you’ve been meaning to buy a Kindle Paperwhite and you pass up on this deal, you’d be making a big mistake.

The headphones you get with this bundle are the POP over-ear cans that usually cost $79.99 on their own. They come with 16 hours of playback time, a 40mm Dynamic Driver for fuller and richer audio, and Bluetooth 4.0 technology. The fact you get these for free alongside a Kindle Paperwhite and three free months of Audible is pretty amazing.

If you wanna jump on this deal, head to this link. You won’t regret it.