AT&T Says It’ll Carry Samsung’s 5G Phone in 2019

Yesterday, Verizon announced it planned to carry an upcoming Samsung phone that would support the company’s 5G network in early 2019. As it turns out, Big Red won’t be the only carrier taking advantage of the tech onboard, as AT&T has noted it, too, will carry the 5G-equipped Samsung device.

“5G is going to be about more than just a network. Customers will eventually be able to connect in near real-time to unforeseen possibilities,” said David Christopher, president of AT&T Mobility and Entertainment. “Together with Samsung, we plan to bring the best in technology and innovation to our customers. The future we imagine with 5G is just beginning, and it is a great time to be a consumer.”

To clarify, this is the same exact phone Verizon will carry. That means the mysterious device will work on at least two 5G networks when it launches in the first half of next year. As we’ve previously mentioned, it’s likely this phone is some sort of variant of the Galaxy S10 which will utilize the Snapdragon X50 modem.

Of course, much like the Verizon announcement, AT&T’s press release is extremely light on details so we don’t have much to go by in this case. Still, though, at least we know 5G is coming from some major players in early 2019.