Google Can Now Sync Bluetooth Headphone Connections Across Your Android Devices

The current state of connecting accessories to your mobile devices over Bluetooth is pretty rough, with unreliable connections and difficult pairing processes being all the rage nowadays. Google wants to solve this problem with its Fast Pair feature on Android which automatically prompts users to pair, say, a pair of headphones once a connection is identified. Now, it looks like the company will take another step in making sure connecting your accessories is easy across all of your devices.

Starting today, Google will now sync connections you’ve made with Fast Pair-compatible accessories across all of your Android phones running 6.0 Marshmallow or newer. It’s similar to how Apple automatically syncs your connection to AirPods across all your devices with the same Apple ID. This alone should make pairing Bluetooth headphones and accessories much less painful and enduring.

Unfortunately, the landscape of Fast Pair-compatible accessories has been very limited, with one of the only manufacturers onboard being Jaybird who has only produced a few products with the proper specs for full compatibility. Luckily, Google says more companies are climbing aboard such as Bose and Anker who should help produce more easy-to-pair headphones in the future.

According to Google, the updated Fast Pair functionality should roll out to Android phones starting today. Those with Chromebooks will get the functionality in 2019.