LG V40 ThinQ Gets ‘My Avatar’ Animoji Ripoff in New Update

A new software update has begun rolling out to owners of the Verizon LG V40 ThinQ that includes a couple of new camera features. And unsurprisingly, one of them involves yet another ripoff of Apple’s Animoji.

On the V40, LG doesn’t necessarily have a name for the feature beyond “My Avatar.” It lets your phone scan your face and cook up a 3D-animated avatar on your behalf. In my testing, the finished product didn’t look remotely close to what I actually look like even after I tweaked it. On the contrary, the tracking wasn’t exactly mediocre, with eye winks and somewhat correct mouth movements being displayed. Still, though, you won’t get the same level of accuracy as you would with Apple’s iPhone due to the lack of specialized hardware on the V40.

The buck doesn’t stop here, however. Users also get a variety of 3D characters to place over their faces when recording videos and taking selfies such as a bear, fox, and monkey. They all work the same way as My Avatar does so don’t expect anything great in this department.

In addition, portrait mode is getting improved with this software update. No, not the quality, but the functionality. Called “Augmented Selfie,” this feature allows you to replace the background of a portrait shot with a solid color or another photo in your gallery. Nothing ground-breaking here, but it could come in handy if you wanna spice up your portrait photography.

Currently, it looks like only Verizon customers are seeing this update so far. It’s likely those on AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint will see the change in the near future along with those who own unlocked variants.

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