You Can Now Buy a Refurbished Apple HomePod for $299

If you haven’t already purchased Apple HomePod and don’t feel like spending $349 for one, you’re in luck. The Cupertino company has just started selling refurbished models of the HomePod on its website for $50 less, making them $299. The speakers come with a one-year warranty and have been inspected by Apple themselves to ensure they work properly and don’t have any significant damage.

As many publications are noting, this seems like a pretty good deal for those who want to enjoy Apple Music on a Siri-enabled speaker. But as it turns out, this isn’t the best price out there. Retailers have begun rolling out their Black Friday deals and within the mix is a $100 discount on brand-new HomePods, making a never-used-before unit just $249. Of course, Black Friday only comes around once a year so if you don’t take advantage of this deal, at least you’ll have something to fall back on if you wanna save a little cash.