Amazon’s New Kindle Paperwhite is Lighter, Waterproof, and Packs Double the Storage for $129

Today, Amazon announced an upgraded version of the Kindle Paperwhite, the first update the device has seen since 2015. The new Kindle Paperwhite will cost $129 when it goes on sale November 7th.

So what’s new? A lot, actually. Amazon tweaked the design of the Paperwhite to be thinner and lighter than the previous generation, while the entire face of the device is now one seamless piece of glass. The LED backlight of the Paperwhite is also improved, and so is the storage with double the space to store all of your favorite books. For reference, this means you now get 8GB by default and can choose to upgrade to 32GB for an increased price.

You can now also listen to Audible audiobooks over Bluetooth headphones or speakers right from your Kindle Paperwhite.


But these updates aren’t even the ones people are excited for. Rather, the real reason people will buy the new Kindle Paperwhite is because of its water resistance. Finally, Amazon has added IPX8 certification to the Paperwhite, allowing users to dunk their Kindle in up to six feet of water for up to one hour. Of course, no one’s gonna do that, but at least now your Kindle won’t get ruined if you accidentally spill something on it or decide to take it to the beach or pool.

As previously mentioned, the new Paperwhite will cost $129 with 8GB of storage and $159 for 32GB. There’s also a model with free cellular connectivity that costs $249 and also gives you 32GB of space. The 8GB model will launch on November 7th, but considering that’s near Black Friday, I’d wait a little while to see if Amazon discounts the $130 price for the holidays. Preorders for the device are now open on Amazon’s website.