Google’s Pixel Lineup Will Soon Support External Mics in the Camera App

A feature that’s favored by many Android smartphone users is external mic support when recording video. Especially handy with vloggers, the feature lets users connect a third-party microphone to their smartphone and record audio with it instead of with their phone’s built-in mics which can produce some awful sound at times. For whatever reason, Google never bothered to implement the feature into its own smartphones’ camera apps. But in a new update, that’s all changing.

As confirmed by Google in its product forums, a new software update will begin rolling out this Thursday, October 18th, to coincide with the PIxel 3’s release that will add external mic support to the Pixel’s native camera app. Fortunately, this feature will also make its way to the Pixel 1 and 2 as well, giving users the option to connect a mic through either the USB-C port or the headphone jack on the former device.

Expect more on this news later this week when the update begins rolling out.