Apple’s Making its Own Clear Case for the iPhone XR

Apple makes a lot of different cases for its iPhones. From silicon to leather, the company has plenty of first-party options if you’re looking to protect your new $1,000 investment. This will reign true for the upcoming iPhone XR as well, with Apple already confirming a few entries in a new lineup of cases specifically designed for the cheaper model.

However, besides the existing cases we’ve already seen on Apple’s website, there appears to be another accessory designed to fit the XR in the form of a clear, plastic case. 9to5Mac got the scoop on the case which isn’t mentioned in any U.S. press materials but is mentioned in a Canadian press release announcing the device. An image of the case was also obtained.

The case will cost $55 CAD which converts to around $42 USD. Therefore, it’s pretty safe to say it’ll probably run $39 when it launches.

Apple has been reached out to by a number of publications about the seemingly absent clear case for the XR, but we haven’t heard back from them (yet). If the company does comment on today’s news, we’ll be sure to let you know.