OnePlus 6T is Launching November 6th

After unveiling the phone’s initial announcement date, OnePlus has stated it’ll launch the new OnePlus 6T on November 6th. We don’t have pricing information just yet, but we expect it to at least leak out by the end of the month.

The OnePlus 6T will be an iterative update when compared to the OnePlus 6 that was released earlier this year. That being said, it’ll still be a notable upgrade. For one, the phone will come with an in-display fingerprint, a waterdrop-style notch at the top, and will be sold through T-Mobile. Unfortunately, the phone will lose the headphone jack, but hopefully, the improvements OnePlus makes in its place will be enough to convince potential buyers to pull the trigger.

We’ll be live from OnePlus’ event in New York on October 30th to cover all of the company’s announcements so be sure to stay tuned.