Facebook Unveils ‘Portal’ Smart Home Display

Facebook today unveiled its new Portal smart home display which can be used to place video calls over Messenger to other Portal owners and those with the app on their smartphone. It comes in two sizes: 10.1-inches and 15-inches. It can also be used to play music and perform other actions with Amazon Alexa.

Of course, a big concern most people will have with the Portal is security. Facebook has had a ton of problems with it in the past so placing an active web cam in your house with the FB logo on it might not be the best idea. Luckily, the Portal does come with a physical camera cover, but it’s unclear if it’ll be enough to safeguard you against the many security breaches that are bound to pop up on Facebook’s platform over the coming months.

Still, if you wanna buy one, the smaller Portal will cost $199 while the larger variant will go for $349. They’re available today from Portal.Facebook.com and from Amazon and Best Buy. They’ll begin shipping in November.