Google Assistant on Smartphones Gets a Makeover

Google has announced the first major redesign of the Google Assistant’s interface for smartphones. This comes less than a week before the company’s big event in New York where the company is set to take the wraps off the Pixel 3 and other devices.

The Google Assistant is adopting Google’s Material Design 2 language which includes bolder text and an overall cleaner aesthetic. It’s also getting updated controls for changing your screen brightness, the volume for a speaker, or the lights in your room. There’s also a new interactive messaging interface, tools for developers to take advantage of your phone’s screen with brands like Starbucks and Food Network introducing bolder visuals, and a new swipe-up gesture to access an overview of your day.

While these changes aren’t very significant, they do provide a much more appealing experience while using the Assistant. Google says these changes will begin rolling out today for all users on Android and iOS.