Here Are the Sizes of the iPhone XS and XS Max’s Batteries [Update: iPhone XR, Too]

Apple is quite the stickler when it comes to revealing how big the batteries are inside its smartphones. While the company will tell you how much longer its newer phones and tablets can last over their predecessors, the iPhone maker never formally states how large of a cell sits inside its devices so the public can make its own predictions. But of course, now that Apple’s newest iPhones – the iPhone XS and XS Max – have had time spread across the internet, developers are beginning to uncover secrets about the smartphones, specifically in the battery department.

According to Ben Geskin on Twitter, we finally know how big the batteries are inside the iPhone XS and XS Max. In his tweet, Geskin says the XS has a 2,658mAh cell. Meanwhile, the XS Max has a 3,174mAh cell.

If you recall, the iPhone X from last year had a 2,716mAh battery which is slightly bigger than what the XS packs. Apple claims the XS can last up to 30 minutes longer than the X, though, and that’s likely due to the more efficient 7nm A12 chipset on board. This factor combined with the slightly larger battery in the XS Max is also likely the cause of the added 90 minutes of usage over last year’s X. For comparison’s sake, last year’s biggest iPhone – the iPhone 8 Plus – had a 2,691mAh battery.

Of course, these details don’t necessarily mean anything. In fact, specs inside iPhones besides the chips that power them don’t give you a precise idea of what kind of performance to expect from the handset. Remember, Apple’s been using just 2GB of RAM in popular phones like the iPhone 8 and 7 and, I can assure you, they run extremely well regardless. Similarly, the iPhone X had 3GB of RAM, and I have yet to meet an owner of the device who complains about lack of memory for background apps.

The same goes for battery size. I’ve spoken to many people who claim their iPhone Plus model can last them two days on a single charge, and that’s with a below 3,000mAh battery on board. It’s all about how Apple optimizes its hardware and software to provide the best performance possible. And there’s no denying the company’s really good at doing it.

In the end, knowing the size of an iPhone’s battery almost means nothing. But it’s still interesting to know the finer details since Apple won’t tell us directly.

Update: Filings discovered by MacRumors have also revealed the iPhone XR’s battery size as being 2,942mAh. Apple says users can expect up to 90 minutes longer battery life over the iPhone 8 Plus which, to be honest, is probably true thanks to the lower-res screen.

In addition, we also know the iPhone XS and XS Max come with 4GB of RAM, while the XR has 3GB. Like I said before, specs really don’t matter when it comes to iPhones, but it’s nice to know the details anyway.