Review: Cherry’s EZClean Keyboard Cover is Perfect for the Clumsy and Health-Conscious


There’s no doubt about it, keyboards can get messy over time. If you share yours with family members, friends, or co-workers, it’s hard to predict just what might happen to it with so many people using it day to day. It can get germ-infested, someone could spill their drink on it – honestly, you never really know what harm can be done to your keyboard until it’s already done.

That’s the problem Cherry wants to solve. If you’re unfamiliar, Cherry is a company who makes various accessories and add-ons for your computer. It develops software, keyboards, mice, and other utilities along with special tools for healthcare and industrial workers. One of its more popular products is the EZClean keyboard cover which the company offered us to check out. I’ve been using the keyboard on and off for a few weeks, and I can already tell who it’s for.

For starters, the keyboard is an average keyboard. It has a normal layout for Windows systems (although I’m sure it’ll work fine with Macs) and offers a mechanical typing experience. It’s comfortable enough to type on for extended sessions and connects to your PC over a wired USB plug.

But that’s just the keyboard which is, quite frankly, boring on its own. The real magic happens when you apply the EZClean cover.

Made of silicon, the EZClean protects your keyboard and makes it a lot easier to clean at the end of the day. Instead of getting a can of compressed air to get out any crumbs that might’ve fallen between your keys, you can simply brush them off since the cover blocks all the cracks. The cover also makes the keyboard splash-proof and blocks any liquids from damaging the keyboard itself.

At first glance, it doesn’t seem that using the keyboard with the cover on top would be a pain, but it can be a bit uncomfortable. I’m noticing that since this is a mechanical keyboard with a decent amount of key travel, it takes more pressure to strike the keys in order to register each command. For quick typers like myself, this isn’t exactly helpful. In fact, I prefer using the keyboard naked which is rather unfortunate and kind of defeats the purpose of the cover.

However! If you’re a casual typer who doesn’t have to pump out articles and reviews all day for a tech website, the EZClean cover won’t likely bother you. The silicon is thin enough that basic typers likely won’t have any issues. In addition, those who are clumsy with their keyboard or work in germ-infested environments such as hospitals, offices, and public spaces will find it much easier to clean and disinfect their keyboard, therefore making the trade-off of having a slightly worse typing experience a lot easier.

My conclusion? If you’re concerned you might spill your coffee on your keyboard during your morning routine or work somewhere where you’re constantly wiping your keyboard with Clorox wipes, the Cherry EZClean keyboard cover will greatly improve your lifestyle. But for serious typers, you may want to just be a bit more careful with your existing keyboard.