Apple Adds Multiple Timer Support, Song Lyric Search, and Phone Calling to HomePod in New Update

Apple announced today during its event it’s adding a few new features to the HomePod. The most notable of them all is multiple timer support which many users have been asking for ever since the device’s launch earlier this year. Now, with the update, you’ll be able to set multiple timers for different things you need to keep track of such as goods in your oven or on the stove in your kitchen.

The HomePod will also now be able to search for songs using lyrics. So if you ask Siri to play the song that goes “I work hard every day,” it’ll most likely play Everyday by Logic. You’ll also be able to locate your iPhone with your HomePod using Find My iPhone via Siri.

Finally, the HomePod will also be able to make and receive phone calls. You’ll be able to connect your iPhone to your HomePod and ask Siri to answer your phone. You’ll also be able to ask Siri who just called you if you missed a call and ask the assistant place a call to someone in your contacts. Other smart home assistants have been able to do this in the past such as Amazon’s Echo and Google’s Home, so this update really seems like Apple’s playing catch-up. Still, the feature list is really nice to see regardless.

While Apple didn’t say when this update will begin rolling out to HomePods around the world, we’re assuming it’ll coincide with the release of iOS 12 on Monday.