Google Made Another Headphone Dongle for the Pixel 2 for $12

Back when the Google Pixel 2 and 2 XL debuted, it was announced Google would begin selling its own headphone dongle since the phones don’t come with headphone jacks. While the accessory was initially introduced for $20, outrage caused the dongle to be lowered in price to $9 to better fall in line with other dongles on the market. Now, though, Google has increased the price and replaced the old dongle with a newer one.

This new headphone dongle from Google operates the same way as the old one, allowing users to plug one end into the USB-C port and use the other to connect 3.5mm headphones. For this generation, though Google says the dongle now features 53 percent lower latency when it comes to media playback. It also features “38 percent longer playback time” which, we’re assuming, means 38 percent better battery life while using the adapter. It’s also slightly shorter and lighter than before.

If you want to grab one of the new dongles, you can do so from the Google store for $12. Alternatively, you can probably pick up a Pixel 3 later this year and get one in the box.