Lenovo Wants to Take Over Your Smart Home with its New Lineup of Devices

Today at IFA 2018, Lenovo introduced a new lineup of its own smart home devices under a new brand known as Lenovo Smart Home Essentials. They’re designed to complement the company’s Smart Display that came out last month, with each able to connect to the display and be controlled with voice commands.

In Lenovo’s lineup is a Smart Plug, a Smart Bulb, and a Smart Camera. All three work the way you expect them to. With the Smart Plug, you can plug in any device and remotely turn it on or off with a simple command; with the Smart Bulb, you can change the color temperature, power it on or off, automate it to turn on or off at certain times, and more; and with the Smart Camera, you can keep tabs of any aspect of your home thanks to the 355-degree field-of-view.

All of this plugs into Lenovo’s new smart home platform powered by the Lenovo Link app. You can download it to your smartphone or tablet and remotely control any of the devices mentioned. The company describes its service in more detail below.

With Lenovo Link, all your compatible smart devices are connected through just one app on your phone or tablet, giving you the option to remotely control all your Lenovo Smart Home Essentials from just one app—anywhere and at any time. Set up an automated morning routine in your Lenovo Link app, with your Lenovo Smart Bulb lights gradually brightening in your room at 8:30 in the morning, while your compatible coffee maker, toaster and hair iron are turned on using the Lenovo Smart Plug. You can set up other routines for certain times in the day, such as when you normally get home from work or go to bed, helping you keep a healthier sleep schedule during the week.

In addition, you can control multiple compatible devices at once from the Lenovo Link app. If you’re out for dinner, for instance, you can set your app to turn on all the compatible outdoor lights at once to ward away potential intruders. Or set up a command that softens all your smart indoor home lighting with the Lenovo Smart Bulb when you feel ready to start winding down for the day.

With the work Lenovo put into developing these new products, it’s clear they want to take over your home the same way companies like Google, Amazon, Philips, Nest, iHome, and more already have. In the end, it depends on how well the new appliances work. Of course, if we get our hands on them, we’ll let you know.

To adopt Lenovo’s new Smart Home Essentials, you won’t have to pay all that much. The Smart Plug and Smart Bulb both cost $29.99, while the Smart Camera costs $99.99. The latter will launch early next year, while the former two will land this November in time for the holidays.