YouTube Now Lets You Track Your Digital Wellbeing in its App

Many tech companies in 2018 have been pushing to create more transparency when it comes to your smartphone habits, and the latest company to introduce similar tools is YouTube. Obviously, its parent company, Google, has already begun pushing its own tracking features to stay on top of your smartphone usage, but this is the first time we’re seeing that same functionality directly in the YouTube app.

According to a blog post, YouTube is rolling out an update to its app that lets users track their time spent within the app. You’ll be able to view your own profile that collects information about your streaming habits over the past seven days. You can also set reminders to take a break from YouTube, opt to receive all of your YouTube notifications at once with a single prompt at a specified time, and disable all notifications from the app during a set period. Essentially, you’ll now have full control on when and how you use the YouTube app.

YouTube says both Android and iOS users will start receiving the new features today.