Here’s the Google Pixel 3 XL Out in the Wild

Google’s smartphones have been leaking for months, and today, we’re getting another glimpse at the device out in the wild. In a tweet sent out by MobileSyrup, it’s reported a reader sent in an image he/she took of someone in Toronto, Ontario holding what looks to be a Pixel 3 XL, super-tall notch and all.

As you can see, it’s pretty obvious this is a Pixel 3 XL and not some other Android device simply judging by the notch itself. Of course, the phone’s front-facing stereo speakers are also visible along with its nearly edge-to-edge screen, but that notch has been getting so much press that it’s proven to be the main way of identifying the upcoming Google device from other smartphones.

Notably, this Pixel 3 XL is definitely in a case. It’s way thicker than what we’re expecting from the naked Pixel 3 XL. Plus, there’s a screen protector on the front. Therefore, don’t go thinking this is the actual device. I mean, it is, but it won’t look like this out-of-the-box.

We’re still around two months away from the Pixel 3 XL hitting store shelves, so expect much more on the device in the weeks to come.