Google Updates Android Messages App with New UI and Dark Mode

Google has begun rolling out an update to its default Android Messages app that includes a new design. Known as Material Design 2, the new UI is cleaner and more polished than before and falls better in line with other Google apps such as the Assistant and News.

Also in this update is an included dark mode that darkens the interface for easier viewing at night. If you ask me, it looks cool enough to keep on all the time, especially since it isn’t often we get a first-party dark mode from Google themselves.

In addition, you can no longer customize the colors of your chat bubbles, with Google sticking with a blue accent this time around for all sent messages. There’s now also a large “Start chat” button at the bottom of the screen instead of a simple “+” icon. You’ll also find other visual tweaks and bug fixes within the app.

To give the new UI a go, download the latest version of Android Messages from the Play Store.