HQ Trivia Now Lets You Play on Your Apple TV

We all know and love the live trivia game show app HQ Trivia, and now, you’ll be able to really have a party with your HQuety friends. According to the app’s Twitter account, the developers behind HQ Trivia have released an official Apple TV version of the app. This means you’ll be able to play right from the comfort of your own couch without having to whip out your phone.

In the screenshot provided, the app looks relatively the same as the mobile version. You get the host taking up the left half of your screen while the question and range of potential answers sit to the right. The main home screen lets you know when the next game is and your own personal stats.

If you’ve been huddling around someone’s phone for the past few months so you can all join in on the fun at once, today’s news should be pretty welcoming. HQ Trivia says the Apple TV app is rolling out to users via the App Store now.