Apple Releases Eighth Beta of iOS 12 w/ Performance Fix for Beta 7

This past Monday, Apple began rolling out the seventh beta of iOS 12 for testing. After many users downloaded and installed the upgrade, they noticed a pretty significant performance hit which led to Apple pulling the updated build. Now, the company’s has issued the eighth beta with the necessary tweaks on board to restore performance to its original state.

The eighth build of iOS 12 will build on top of the foundation Apple laid for the software back at WWDC 2018. The system will provide much better performance for devices stretching back to the iPhone 5s, offer better notification management, let you know how much time you’re spending on your device, enable Siri Shortcuts, and more. iOS 12 is focusing more on refinement over a bunch of new features, but that isn’t exactly bad all things considered.

If you’d like to install iOS 12 beta 8 on your registered iPhone or iPad, head over to Settings > General > Software update. From there, you’ll see the listing for the build. Just tap “Download and install” and wait for your phone or tablet to complete the process. I recommend plugging in your device beforehand so you don’t run out of power before the installation is complete.