Google’s Reportedly Working to Allow Users to Dual Boot Windows 10 on Chrome OS Devices

Google is always up to something mischievous, and today’s report couldn’t be an exception if it tried. According to XDA-Developers, it’s been discovered the company is working on a new project called “Campfire” that will reportedly allow users to dual boot Windows 10 on Chrome OS devices.

According to XDA, Google is reportedly working to get Microsoft certification for devices that will be capable of running Windows 10 alongside Chrome OS. The first of which will likely be the Pixelbook which we saw referenced in a previous report that falls in line with this one. However, this time around, it’s mentioned lots of devices will be capable of running Microsoft’s operating system, so long as they have at least 40GB of storage in order to divide Windows 10 and Chrome OS efficiently.

It’s unclear how the feature will work exactly and when it’ll become available, let alone which devices will be supported at launch. We’ll keep you posted if there are any future developments.