Microsoft’s ‘Your Phone’ App for Windows 10 Enters Testing

Microsoft has released a new Insider preview build of Windows 10 for testing, and new in the build is the presence of the new Your Phone app. The company originally teased the existence of the app back at Build 2018 but we haven’t seen the software enter beta phases until now.


According to Microsoft, the Your Phone app for Windows 10 will let users mirror certain content from their Android or iOS device to their PC. For instance, you’ll be able to view your phone’s photo gallery and drag and drop an image into a PowerPoint presentation. Alternatively, you’ll be able to view your phone’s notifications and text messages and take action on them.

Your Phone is currently being tested exclusively with Android for now. A future build of Windows 10 will likely bring support for iOS. Additionally, in order for the feature to work, your Android device will need to be running version 7.0 or later. You’ll need to download a separate app to your device in order to tie it to your PC.

Of course, just because Your Phone is being tested now, it doesn’t mean we’ll see it launch when Redstone 5 is released later this year. Microsoft has been known to pull features from major Windows 10 updates to make sure they’re ready for the general public. Therefore, I wouldn’t bet this feature ships with the operating system’s next major upgrade. That being said, however, today’s news at least confirms Microsoft’s actively testing the feature and gearing up for it to launch at some point in the future.