Facebook’s Navigation Bar is Getting Personalized

Facebook has begun rolling out an update to its iOS and Android apps that makes the platform’s navigation bar a bit more personal. According to the company, with the new update, the bar will dynamically change which shortcuts are listed based on which areas of the app users visit frequently. The company hopes the change will improve the user experience, according to a statement given to CNET.

To put this into detail, tabs for your News Feed, notifications, and menu aren’t going anywhere. Meanwhile, Facebook will add additional shortcuts to places such as your friends list, Marketplace, or groups based on your usage of the app. If Facebook learns you like to check to see who wants to be your friend often, it’ll add a shortcut so you can access the list quicker. The company will notify you each time it adds a new tab to the bar. If you can’t find the tab you want, there’s a good chance it still lives in the menu section.

The feature will roll out to all users over the coming weeks.