Apple’s iOS 12 Hints At Future iPhone Arriving with Dual SIM Slots

Apple just released another beta of iOS 12 yesterday, and, of course, developers got their hands on it. After digging through the system, 9to5Mac was able to find an interesting detail: the software hints at dual SIM card support.

According to the findings, 9to5Mac saw references to what Apple calls a “secondSim” within iOS 12, hinting that we may one day see an iPhone with dual SIM slots. This contradicts previous reports that suggested the next iPhone would be compatible with two SIMs in the sense that both a physical and electronic card would be used. In this case, it looks like an upcoming device will have two separate slots.

Most US customers won’t understand the need for dual SIM slots since most of us just pay for AT&t, Verizon, T-Mobile, or Sprint. But for those in developing countries or who often visit different countries such as Europe and need cell service wherever they go, having a separate SIM card already in your phone that works with different networks can prove to be convenient and useful. And considering Apple wants to grow its business to new countries, it would make sense for them to adopt dual SIM card slots in an upcoming iPhone.

The iOS 12 beta doesn’t give us any indication as far as which new iPhone will include the feature (heck, we’re not even sure if the device is an iPhone), but we’ll keep you posted on any future developments.