Google’s Rolling Out the Very Last Android P Beta

The time has come, people. Google has announced it’s currently rolling out the fourth and final beta (fifth developer beta, if you wanna be technical) of Android P. This comes around a month or so before the new software is released to the masses as a free update.

According to Google, this beta of Android P features all the finalized features we’ll find when the software is released to the public. This means things like the new navigation system, the new screenshot system, the updated UI, and the performance/battery improvements will appear the way they are now in the final version of P. Unfortunately, we have yet to see the company’s Digital Wellbeing features land in a build, but we expect them with Android 9.1 with the Pixel 3.

New for the fourth beta of Android P are some simple bug fixes and security improvements. Nonetheless, it serves as the most stable version of the software released to date.

If you wanna give Android P a go on your device, you can get all the necessary images from this page. Alternatively, if your phone isn’t a Pixel or Pixel 2, you can wait for your device’s manufacturer to roll out their own beta, similar to what Essential’s doing today.