Samsung Might Take on Apple with a New Multi-Device Wireless Charger

In case you’re unaware, Apple’s AirPower allows users to charge up to three devices at a time (an iPhone, an Apple Watch, and AirPods, for example) all while sitting on the same charging mat. While the product has yet to ship, it looks like Samsung could beat the company to the punch with the Wireless Charger Duo.

As leaked by Roland Quandt, the new Wireless Charger Duo is reportedly capable of charging either two Qi-enabled devices wirelessly or one smartphone like the Galaxy Note 9 and a smartwatch like the Galaxy Watch. The packaging for the device seems to confirm this theory with both a charging stand and a separate, smaller pad featured on the cover.

Samsung’s holding a press event on August 9th where they’ll unveil the Galaxy Note 9, the Galaxy Watch, and (possibly) a new Bixby-powered smart speaker. As a fourth potential announcement, the Wireless Charger Duo could also be unveiled. It remains unclear how much the product will cost or when it’ll be released, but we’ll let you know of any additional information we obtain before it gets unveiled.