The Google Assistant Gets a New Overview Interface on Android and iOS

During I/O 2018, Google announced it would introduce a new interface for the Assistant that would let you keep tabs on things like traffic times, flight schedules, reminders, the weather, and more, similar to how Google Now used to operate. Now, that interface is beginning to roll out to both Android and iOS users.


The new UI is pretty straightforward. It lets you take a peak at various types of information from commute times to stocks to online orders you’ve placed. It’s similar to Google Now in which it’s contextually aware of the time of day and your location so it knows what type of information to show you during your day. You can access the interface by swiping up or hitting a dedicated button within the main Assistant UI on Android or by holding down the home button while in the Assistant app on iOS.

Google says it’ll constantly be updating the interface with new information and ways of communicating it to you. The update is rolling out starting this week to all Assistant users.