You Can Now Add Tickets and Boarding Passes to Google Pay

During I/O 2018, Google announced some additions to its Google Pay mobile payments service that have yet to reach all users. Fortunately, it looks like they’ve begun rolling out more widely as the company has announced in a blog post some additional features that are also beginning to reach users.


According to Google, users can now load their tickets and boarding passes onto Google Pay in order to have them at their convenience. This is especially helpful if you often attend things like concerts or frequently fly. The features also put Google Pay more up to par when compared to Apple Pay, the service’s biggest competitor.


In addition, Google is also merging Google Pay with Google Pay Send. Now, you can send your friends money right from within the app the same way you could with the separate Send app. You can now also manage your Google Pay app from and have any changes you make appear on all of your devices.

The new updates should start appearing for everyone today.