Microsoft’s Cheaper Surface Tablets Might Arrive on July 10th

Microsoft has sent out a photo of its Surface device lineup on Twitter which is gaining lots of traction. In the image, the company’s entire Surface lineup can be seen with lock screens set on each model. However, a closer look at the photo reveals the July 10th date and 6:00 a.m. time, hinting that Microsoft has something in store that’ll be unveiled as soon as tomorrow.

As far as what the company has up its sleeve, it’s rumored they’ll unveil cheaper Surface tablets that’ll compete with Apple’s cheaper iPad. It’s said Microsoft will price the tablets at around $400 or so and will come with lower-end processors, cheaper builds, and fewer features. Of course, they could very well prove to be excellent for education much like Apple’s tablet computer so it remains to be seen whether the sacrifices made to achieve the lower price point are worth it.

Of course, if Microsoft does unveil something tomorrow, we’ll be sure to let you know.