Apple’s 6.1-inch LCD iPhone Might Come in Blue, Orange, and Red

Apple is expected to unveil three new iPhone models this September, and in the lineup, there will reportedly be a cheaper 6.1-inch LCD-powered model to appeal to those with smaller budgets. Now, according to Ming-Chi Kuo via 9to5Mac, we may be getting some details on what colors the phone will ship in.

The analyst notes the 6.1-inch iPhone will come in both grey and white as usual, but it looks like three other colors will join the lineup: blue, orange, and red. We haven’t seen Apple introduce whimsical colors like these since 2013 with the iPhone 5c which came in yellow, blue, green, white, and pink. Perhaps the company will position the cheaper device like they did the 5c, but it isn’t clear just yet.

It’s also worth noting the red variant of the LCD iPhone might be a Product(RED) version of the device that could be released later on during the phone’s lifespan. Typically, Apple will release a red variant of its latest phone six months down the line, but again, things remain unclear in the meantime as to what exactly Apple has in store.

Along with the 6.1-inch iPhone, Apple is also expected to unveil a refreshed 5.8-inch model alongside a larger 6.5-inch variant. Both will come with OLED screens and dual cameras. Meanwhile, the cheaper model will feature a single camera on the back, an LCD screen, and (possibly) no 3D Touch. Of course, as time progresses, we’ll have much more on this subject so stay tuned.