Google Launches Native Podcasts App for Android

Google has launched its own podcasts app for Android. Simply called Google Podcasts, the “app” is essentially a shortcut to the Podcasts interface within the main Google app that’s been around for a few months. Up until now, however, there hasn’t exactly been an easy way of accessing it.

The app is pretty straightforward. After launching it, you’re greeted by a home screen that shows you top podcasts, categories, and a search field. You can then playback one of over 2 million podcasts available. Google says more will be added in the future.

While the app is easy to use, it isn’t exactly rich on features we’ve seen from previous podcasts app. For one, you can’t build a playlist of podcasts to listen to nor can you customize any part of the app. Rather, Google built a pretty bare-bones podcast streaming experience that’s meant to be simple and functional.

Of course, since it’s Google, the Podcasts app is compatible with the Assistant so you can ask it to play the latest episode of your favorite show. Google will also be integrating its AI and machine learning technologies to better the overall experience of discovering new series. The company will also introduce real-time text captions and translations of podcasts in the near future so you can have an easier time comprehending what the hosts are talking about.

Possibly the best part of the entire Podcasts app is the cloud syncing Google has implemented. When you start a podcast on your phone, you’ll be able to resume it on your Google Home or any other device with your Google account on it. It’s one of those features you won’t realize you need until you do.

Google Podcasts is available starting today for free from the Play Store. Currently, there aren’t any plans for other versions of the app including a variant for iOS, but we’ll keep you posted.