Microsoft’s Next Surface Pro Will Reportedly Get a Radical Redesign

A new report from ZDNet‘s Mary Jo Foley suggests Microsoft’s next Surface Pro, currently known as the Surface Pro 6, will be “heavily redesigned.” It isn’t clear what Foley means by this, but she does note the device should launch in mid-2019. In other words, we have plenty of time to figure out exactly what Microsoft has up its sleeve. We do know it’s probably codenamed Carmel thanks to

The rumors don’t stop there, though. Foley details some expectations regarding other future Microsoft devices in her report as well. For instance, some of the cheaper Surface-branded tablets we’ve recently heard about might launch this summer. Other models will land later this year. There’s also a new Surface Hub 2 reportedly arriving next year, a new HoloLens due in Q1 2019, a new Xbox due in 2020 codenamed Scarlett, and new Surface-branded accessories like a headphone/mic combo and dock arriving later on.

There’s also the fact updated Surface Pro and Laptop models might arrive this fall. The new devices will reportedly include Intel 8th-generation processors and Surface Connect ports. Foley notes we may also see the devices adopt USB-C, but that has yet to be determined.

Of course, we’ll keep you posted on whether any of these devices surface (pun intended) over the coming months.