The LG G7 ThinQ is Getting Google’s AR Stickers

Google debuted its AR Stickers as a feature of its Pixel 2 and 2 XL smartphones. While the feature has since been exclusive to the two devices, it’ll soon begin expanding to users of other phones. Specifically, LG has announced AR Stickers will soon begin rolling out to users of the new G7 ThinQ as a part of a software update.

Here in the office, we’ve already gotten that software update and can confirm the feature will work right inside the main camera app. It works exactly the way you expect: you can scroll through a list of stickers that can be placed anywhere in the real world. You can then either record a video or take a photo with the effects in place. I tried the feature out earlier today and found that it works just as well as it does on the Pixel 2 which is nice to see.

Notably, I have an unlocked G7 unit so there’s a good chance those of you with carrier-branded devices will see this update a bit later on. For the time being, expect the feature to arrive at some point in the near future.