Facebook Introduces New Memories Page

Facebook today announced it’s adding a dedicated Memories page to your account os you can view things you post in the past like photos, videos, and more. You’ll also see major life events, friends you’ve made, and other content in the page which will help you to relive what you’ve already done.

According to Facebook, the new Memories page is due to more than 90 million people using the On This Day feature to reminisce about moments that happened a year ago to the date. “…research suggests this kind of reflection can have a positive impact on people’s mood and overall well-being,” the company said in a blog post today. “This is why we’re updating the experience to ensure all of your memories are easy to find.”

Of course, Facebook acknowledges some memories aren’t positive and could have a negative effect on your day. “We try to listen to feedback and design these features so that they’re thoughtful and offer people the right controls that are easy to access,” the company said. “We work hard to ensure that we treat the content as part of each individual’s personal experience, and are thankful for the input people have shared with us over the past three years.”

If you’d like to do a little reminiscing, visit facebook.com/memories. The page should also be going life for iOS and Android users now.