An Upcoming Apple Watch Might Add Pressure-Sensitive Buttons

A report that surfaced over the weekend from Fast Company claims Apple might introduce pressure-sensitive buttons for a new Apple Watch. It isn’t clear whether this new model is the fourth generation we’ve heard about recently or if it’s still a year or two down the line. The report says Apple will use its Taptic Engine to simulate a button press.

We’ve seen this move from Apple in the past. The MacBook switched to a solid-state trackpad in 2015 which uses the Taptic Engine to simulate a click, while the iPhone 7 back in 2016 also used the technology for its home button. Now, both the Digital Crown and side buttons of the Apple Watch will see the same change, likely to make the watch more durable and less prone to water damage. Of course, the Digital Crown will still mechanically rotate.

While things remain unclear as to when we can expect these changes, we’ll likely have more information to share once we draw closer to the next Apple Watch’s release this fall. Stay tuned.