Instagram Will Reportedly Let You Share Hour-Long Videos Soon

A new report out of The Wall Street Journal claims Instagram is readying a new feature that will let users share videos that are up to an hour long in length. Up until now, the company has offered up to 60-second videos in the main feed and up to 15-second clips in your Story. Now, it looks like the photo-sharing platform wants to up the ante and further fall in line with what’s offered by services like YouTube and Instagram’s parent company, Facebook.

According to WSJ, this new feature would focus strongly on vertical videos. Instagram Stories also put a strong emphasis on the format so it should be interesting to see how it translates into hour-long clips. The company is also supposedly in talks with content creators and publishers to produce longer-form videos for the platform.

It’s important to note that Instagram’s plans are still subject to change so anything could change between now and when the new feature actually surfaces. Speaking of which, we also don’t know when you might be able to produce hour-long videos for the platform. Looks like we’ll need to wait this one out.