With iOS 12, an iPad with a Notch is Inevitable

Apple’s been rumored to be developing a new iPad with an edge-to-edge screen and a notch, similar to the iPhone X. It’s said the device would come with Face ID and drop the Home button entirely, therefore switching to a gesture-based navigation system. While we aren’t seeing the new tablet just yet, we are getting a pretty big hint that it’s on its way with iOS 12.

By installing iOS 12 on one of today’s iPads, you’ll be greeted by a new gesture-based navigation system eerily similar to that of the iPhone X. You can now swipe up from anywhere on the Dock to go back home, while swiping from the top right-hand corner of the display will get you Control Center. Heck, even the clock has moved to the left of the display, just like on the X. And yeah, the Home button still works and all, but will you really need it anymore beyond unlocking your tablet?

Not only do these changes hint at a bezel-less iPad, but developer Guilherme Rambo on Twitter has even more evidence. He was digging around the iOS 12 developer beta and discovered a pane within the software that lets users set up Face ID… on an iPad. At this point, it’s pretty clear an iPad with an iPhone X-esque design is inevitable.

And then there’s the fact that multi-user Face ID will soon become available as a part of iOS 12 as well. Traditionally, people share their iPads with other users, so having the ability to add more than one face to the tablet would make lots of sense.

Of course, we still have no idea when we can expect the new iPad to hit store shelves. Rumors point to this coming fall, but the major redesign could easily slip into 2019. Regardless, we’ll let you know when we know more.