Google Might Be Working on a Mid-Range Pixel for 2019 with a Snapdragon 710 Processor

Google’s Pixel lineup of smartphones has always consisted of high-end flagship devices, but it looks like this may change come 2019. According to Roland Quandt on Twitter, the company has reportedly begun working on a mid-range Pixel-branded phone powered by the recently introduced Snapdragon 710 processor. Further details remain scarce, but the phone is said to be introduced in the first half of next year.

Notably, there are two flaws with this rumor. First off, Google has yet to introduce a mid-range Pixel and it isn’t clear if the company will ever do so (the company said in the past they’ll focus on high-end devices for its Pixel lineup, after all). Therefore, it remains extremely unclear if this is something they’d be willing to do.

Secondly, Google typically releases its phones in the latter portion of the year. Introducing a new device in the first half of 2019 doesn’t exactly make sense for this reason, but we have seen companies break tradition before by announcing lower-end models of their smartphones at unexpected dates.

Still, while it would be cool to see a more cost-friendly Pixel hit the market, things remain up in the air for the time being. We’ll let you know when more information surfaces.