Apple’s iOS 12 Will Focus on Your ‘Digital Health’

Apple’s next event is scheduled for this Monday to kick off WWDC 2018, and Bloomberg has released a report with some details regarding what we can expect the company to announce. Most notably, it looks like the company plans to focus on your digital wellbeing with iOS 12 much like Google’s doing with Android P.

In the report, Bloomberg says Apple will include a new feature called “Digital Health” inside the Settings app that will let users see how often they use their phone. While no specifics were given, we can assume the feature should give users access to data like how long they have certain apps open and how many notifications they get during the day. This is all in an effort to combat smartphone addiction which has become a growing concern.

iOS 12 will also focus heavily on AR. Apple CEO Tim Cooks believes augmented reality could be as revolutionary as the smartphone someday so it makes sense to see the company paying lots of attention to it. For this year, Apple is said to introduce what they call “ARKit 2.0” which will allow multiple users to interact with the same AR experiences in real time (a.k.a. multiplayer) and even permanently place objects in the real world for later reference.

Finally, the next version of iOS will also be filled with refinements. With increasing complaints from users regarding several bugs and performance stutters in iOS 11, it’s nice to see Apple focus more on refinement than ground-breaking new features. One refinement, in particular, I’d like to see is a fix for the horrible way notifications are displayed, but it’s unclear if a change like this is on the way at all. Guess us notification freaks will have to cross our fingers.

We only have four days left until Apple’s event kicks off so stay tuned to Matridox for the latest from the keynote.