Essential is Reportedly Canceling its Next Phone

According to a report out of Bloomberg, Essential, the company founded by Android creator Andy Rubin, is canceling the sequel to the Essential Phone that originally debuted last year. The device failed to live up to any expectations having sold just 150,00 units, but the phone did stand as one of the only devices you could get at the time with nearly non-existent bezels and a notch. It was also a pretty well-rounded device with flagship specs, an incredible design, and so-so cameras. While it surely had its fifteen minutes of fame, it doesn’t appear it’ll see the limelight any time soon.

Instead, Essential will reportedly be focusing on developing a smart home device. While it’s unclear what this device will be, we did hear about a potential Amazon Echo/Google Home competitor last year that never surfaced. The device might be something similar to this, but it’s still a bit early to call anything.

The company had been working on a new [phone], but has since canceled development of the device. It has shifted engineers and other resources to an upcoming smart-home product, which is on track for release by next year, the people said.

Interestingly, in Bloomberg‘s report, it’s also noted Essential is considering selling itself off. There isn’t any indication as to how much the company’s worth at this point (before it even launched a product, it was valued at $1 billion), but if they do sell themselves to another party, they’ll be handing over everything from patents to ongoing projects. Essential will also potentially move its current employees to whatever company buys them out. It’s worth noting, however, talks are still early regarding whether Essential will put itself up for sale.

Until we hear something official from Essential themselves, we’ll have to wait and see how this story unfolds since it’s too early to rule out anything. Stay tuned.