Google Lens Gets Upgraded with Real-Time Identification, Text Selection

At I/O 2018, Google debuted a suite of upgrades for its Google Lens identification service that would eventually make their way to all users. Now, it appears they’re beginning to roll out.

As reported by many news outlets and discovered on our LG G7 review unit, Google Lens is beginning to receive all the upgrades Google talked about earlier this month. For one, users will notice a new interface that’s much more white and better aligns with the company’s design language throughout Android. Real-time object recognition has also been enabled so you can get information about things around you as you move your phone’s camera around.

Possibly one of the greatest new features of Google Lens is the smart text selection which is also rolling out. This lets you copy text from the real world and paste it anywhere on your phone. So if you have a really long, confusing Wi-Fi password, you won’t need to worry about typing it in since you can just copy and paste it.

Additionally, identifying books, media locations, barcodes, and similar products is also now possible with Lens.

So far, we’re only seeing the update on one of our devices, but more users should see the upgrades soon.