Google Pixel Buds Get New Gestures, Including Triple-Tap to Shut Down

Google has begun rolling out new updates to its wireless headphones known as Pixel Buds. The updates include new gestures to perform actions, including one that probably should’ve been there in the first place, and a simpler way to pair the headphones to different devices.


The first new action is a triple-tap on the right earbud. When doing so, the Pixel Buds will shut down. Up until now, there was no real way to switch them on or off unless you placed them back in their case. At least now you can control whether they’re on or not.


The second new gesture is a double-tap to switch the song you’re listening to. Previously, this action let you listen to notifications as they came in. Now, you have the option to skip the currently playing song by configuring the gesture in your Google Assistant app’s settings pane. Of course, you can still use the Assistant to skip the current track as well.

The final new update for the Pixel Buds is an easier pairing process when switching devices. Normally, you would need to disconnect the Buds from one device in order to connect them to another. Now, you won’t need to perform the former action and stick to the latter when you wish to change devices.

Google says all of these new updates are rolling out to users and should be available for all Pixel Buds owners by early next week.