Google is Making its Cloud Storage Offerings Simpler

Google today announced it’s making the cloud storage services it offers a lot simpler by placing them under one name: Google One. This isn’t a sort of rebranding of Drive or anything, but it should help users understand the company’s cloud storage plans a lot better than before.

In a nutshell, Google One is simply the unification of Google’s cloud storage services, ranging across Drive, Gmail, Photos, and more. So now, these services and more are basically sub-brands of One. Think of it sort of as Jeep, RAM, and Chrysler fall under FCA.

For anyone who has a paid Drive subscription, you’ll notice Google will prompt you to upgrade to One and do all of your billing through the new plan. To accommodate the change, the company is introducing some new storage tiers for those who don’t wanna pay that much but need more space for their content.

For instance, for $2.99 per month, you’ll get 200GB of storage. By paying $9.99 per month, you’ll now get 2TB of storage (up from 1TB). If you’re on the latter plan already, you’ll see the upgrade to 2TB soon. Meanwhile, all the other plans remain intact, including the free 15GB all users get, the $1.99/month 100GB plan, and the $299.99/month 30TB plan.

Google One will also give subscribers access to perks. If you’re on the plan, you’ll get things like Google Play credit, deals on select hotels found in Google Search, and more. You also get special “one-tap access to experts” from Google “for help with our consumer products and services.” It’s unclear exactly what this means, but we’ll likely know more soon.

Finally, Google says One will bring support for families. So, if you’re paying for a subscription every month, you’ll be able to add up to five family members to your plan. Each user will get his/her own, private storage and the same benefits as the rest of their household.

Google says Google One will roll out to those in the US first and expand globally in the future. You can sign up for updates regarding the service here.