Google Home Max is Getting an Update That Will Significantly Reduce Audio Latency

For users of Google’s $400 Google Home Max smart speaker, you may notice a slight issue with the audio jack on the back. When you plug a 3.5mm audio source into the speaker, there’s a pretty significant delay from when you play audio and when it actually outputs from the speaker. This can cause problems not only for things like record players but also televisions that use the speaker as a sound system.

Luckily, Google recognizes this issue. And as per a statement to The Next Web, it looks like the company will be fixing this issue.

According to the report, a future software update will roll out to the Home Max that will reduce audio jack latency from 550 milliseconds to just 39 milliseconds, a difference of 93 percent. It isn’t known why this amount of delay was present in the first place, but at least it’s getting fixed nonetheless.

Here’s the statement Google Home Max Product Manager Chris Chan gave TNW.

In launching Max, we knew that a vast majority of users would love using the Google Assistant to stream their favorite artist or album. We also learned that many users enjoyed using line-in to bring their personal collections to life. This performance improvement makes Max an even more frictionless experience for those plugging in their record player, smartphone or other audio source.

We don’t have a date for when the update will begin rolling out to Google Home Maxes around the world, but we’ll let you know when we have insight.