Google’s ARCore Now Supports Shared Experiences on Android and iOS

At I/O 2018, Google is announcing some new updates for its ARCore augmented reality platform, one of which is shared experiences.


By using a new capability called Cloud Anchors, Google is able to allow more than one person interact with an AR experience. Called Shared AR experiences, the feature will work on both Android and iOS and let you and your friends enjoy things like “redecorating your home, playing games, and painting a community mural.” Mind you, developers will need to build the capability into their apps manually, but you can expect the technology to become a bit more mainstream in the coming weeks.

Google is also introducing Vertical Plane Detection for developers that lets apps recognize surfaces like textured walls so you can put AR objects in more places. Augmented Images will also allow users to bring experiences to life simply by pointing their device at a certain image.


Finally, Google is making it easier and quicker for developers to develop AR apps by introducing Sceneform which cuts out the requirement to learn complicated APIs like OpenGL in order to make an experience.

All of these new tools are available to developers now.