Google is Giving Developers a Free 4K HDR Android TV Dongle

Google is always extremely friendly to developers, and the company’s latest move proves that. At I/O 2018, the company handed out free 4K HDR Android TV-powered dongles to developers to test their apps on. The device, officially known as the ADT-2, serves as a reference device and won’t go on sale for consumers to buy.

Of course, with any mysterious device out of Google, people express a ton of interest. According to Android Police, the gadget uses 2GB of RAM and 8GB of internal storage. It also uses the AMLogic 905X which can be found in Amazon’s Fire TV 4K dongle and comes with the latest Android P-based Android TV build. Additionally, as our headline implies, it can output up to 4K content in HDR.

While that’s really all we know about the ADT-2 itself, we do know it’ll replace the Nexus Player as the default device developers use to make their apps on. Therefore, if you’re interested in receiving a unit of the dongle, Google is handing some out around the world. You can sign up to potentially receive one here.