Google Photos Gains Suggested Actions, Document Conversion

Google has announced a slew of new features for its Photos app at I/O 2018. The company says over 5 billion pictures are viewed in the app every day across users and they want to provide ways to manage the content at the tap of your finger.

For starters, Photos is getting suggested actions. For example, if you have a photo in your library that’s sideways or crooked, Google will recommend you fix it via a small prompt right underneath the picture. The same will happen if a photo is too dim, should be archived, or should be shared with a friend. And, if you have an old black and white photograph, you can restore it to full color which is totally epic.


There’s also a new automated photo creation that can separate your subject from its background. For instance, Google Photos can keep a person in full color while the background turns to grayscale. This is another one of those creations that Google uses AI to make, but I wouldn’t doubt there won’t be a way to manually make this type of edit in the future.

All of these updates will be rolling out in the near future.